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Response to Covid-19 and Our Options

by Angela D Gainer, L.Ac.

Beloved Patients,

These are interesting times!  As of Friday 20th, the governor has shut down acupuncture with face to face contact, so I am closing my office to direct contact with patients.  I want you to know that I am in the process of learning telehealth options and am setting up to do consultations by phone. 

I also have been in contact with our herbal consults who have been getting some very encouraging news out of Wuhan about how certain herbs were used in prevention, for people who have been exposed, and for support with anyone who has symptoms to help mitigate the duration of the symptoms.  I have ordered these herbal formulas and will have them in on Wednesday, March 25th.  

If you are interested in an herbal consult (for this or any other conditions) please feel free to call the office.  I will continue to check messages and will update you on ways to keep in touch while we are all home and staying safe.

In the meantime, friends, please know that we are here for you in whatever ways we can be and look forward to our time together in the hopefully near future!


With much love and wishes for health and wellness!