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Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed Care - Trauma informed care (TIC) is rooted from the deep understanding that trauma has psychological, biological, neurological and social effects. It separates itself from traditional healthcare care approaches by recognizing that traditional approaches can re-traumatize patients and their families. Trauma informed care provides a person-centered response, not simply treating specific symptoms of physical or mental illness, but rather working to improve a person’s all-around wellness.

Trauma affects how each person sees and interprets his or her world and impacts how they feel and the actions they take. It is intrinsically related to mental health conditions such as depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and anxiety as well as often being integrated with chronic degenerative disease. Trauma-informed care places the focus on each individual patient’s experiences and the role they play that patient’s health.

For the patient seeking care in a trauma informed setting, they experience being valued and treated as a beautiful, whole and complete person who has survived trauma.   Health professionals in these systems recognize the every person is more than their trauma and at the same time strive to provide care that will benefit the patient by avoiding treatment that may cause further trauma.

When delivering trauma-informed care, professionals will screen patients for trauma and be considerate of this trauma while delivering care. This type of patient-provider relationship empowers individuals who have experienced trauma by giving them a voice, offering security, empowering choice and ultimately providing a feeling of control over their healthcare. By treating patients as individuals and acknowledging their personal histories, The Healing Place can provide more effective, compassionate treatment.

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